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This was my entry for Ludumdare 33, themed You Are The Monster. The game is very unfinished and unpolished, I am uploading it here to get some experience with how itch.io works.

This is a gargoyle statue simulator, in which you use your ugly mug to scare off evil spirits and protect the innocent children who live in this gothic institution / foster home from getting sick.

Some of amazing features: 6 fully animated monsters, 3 quality sound files, fully animated gargoyle with an ugly mug, 6 random kids (though there is only two version of them :sick:)

How to play: its simple, there is only one button - HOLD the left mouse button, or space, or touch to start loading scare bar, RELEASE to start scaring. Length of scaring depends on how much you loaded the scare bar. The limits of scare bar are visible at bottom of the screen. Scaring reduces the size of evil spirits, when they get small enough they run away. If the spirit gets to the left edge of screen he will make one random kid sick, or finish it off if it was already sick, or if it is big enough it may kill one or more kids straight away.

Get the Android version - use QR code scanner on image bellow to download app for Android smartphones. You will have to enable the "allow apps from unverified publishers" option to be able to install it.


For Windows packed as RAR GargoyleSim.rar 13 MB
For Windows packed as ZIP GargoyleSim.zip 18 MB
For Mac simGargoyle.app.zip 20 MB

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