A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

TIP: Play at night or with sunlight blocked otherwise you won't be able to see much.

In this game you drive a deep sea exploration vehicle. Even though camera is 3D and first-person, the action is turn-based, where clicking a button counts as an action after which all the creatures will have their turn.

Like with most LD Jam entries, don't expect a polished game, this is a concept demo made in 4 days.

There is a leveling system and three lines of perks to boost.

Three possible endings (without counting alt+F4):

  • Out of power
  • Hull crushed
  • Finding treasure coordinates and getting out of the trench

All the controls are presented as buttons inside vehicle interior.
Press [Space] if you want to skip turn. 

  • Getting below creatures will get you entangled by them
  • Turning on the lights while next to a creature may get it shocked
  • You can use sonar to track locations of creatures around you. The treasure is not visible on sonar though. 
  • Having lights and sonar turned on spends extra power per round. Perks can reduce that wastage.
  • The treasure is somewhere below depth level 35, visible in distance as a faint glow on dark background. Visibility depends on the distance and Used to Darkness skill level.

Apart from clicking buttons in the vehicle interior, you can also use numpad keys to traverse: 8(North), 2(South), 6(East), 4(West), Numpad Plus (go up), Numpad Enter (go down)

Game made in 4 days as a Jam entry for Ludum Dare 39



Recommended download:

Deep Raider for Windows (Postcompo -LATEST)

Original compo download: (better don't download that one, it features attrocious story mode)

Deep Raider LD39Jam for Windows LDJam.rar

Deep Raider LD39Jam for Mac.app.zip

Install instructions

Windows: unpack .rar file and start the deepraider.exe file.


Deep Raider for Windows (Postcompo -LATEST) 20 MB
Version 3 Aug 07, 2017
Deep Raider LD39Jam For Windows.rar 16 MB
Deep Raider LD39Jam for Mac.app.zip 23 MB